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When contemplating the purchase of a property in Spain, accounting for legal service costs is crucial for effective budgeting. However, with Movehappy, we’ve streamlined this process for you. The cost of your Spanish legal fees is already included in our package, saving you thousands of Euros and offering greater financial flexibility to invest in your dream property.

Once you’ve pinpointed your ideal property, we’ll connect you with a proficient English-speaking Spanish Lawyer from our experienced and friendly team. To simplify the process and minimise stress, it’s common to grant the lawyer ‘power of attorney,’ enabling them to handle your financial and property-related matters on your behalf. This eliminates the need for frequent travel back and forth to sign documents, ensuring that your next trip to Spain involves receiving the keys to your new home.

Throughout the property purchase process, our legal team will oversee various tasks, including obtaining NIE numbers, reviewing purchase contracts, managing deposits and stage payments, supervising property completion, handling related payments, organising utility meter installations, and setting up direct debits for water and electricity.

All these services are encompassed within our exclusive Movehappy package. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in opening a Spanish bank account and provide guidance at every step.

Even when you’re back in your home country, our legal team will manage any necessary payments to the builder, keeping you informed with regular updates throughout the property purchase journey.

Our support is readily accessible via phone, so feel free to reach out at any stage of the property buying process, regardless of the size of your questions or concerns. We’re here to help!

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